I would like take a moment to acknowledge a wonderful and caring attorney working at this firm named Theseus Schulze. He took great care of my family and was very diligent in reviewing our case. He was very professional and worked tirelessly to make sure our entire legal process went about with ease. I would highly recommend Theseus to anyone in a legal dispute and I commend this firm for having such a great attorney working for them.

Thank you for everything, Theseus!


 Theseus Schulze, Esq 

Partnered With Woehrle Dahlberg and Yao PLLC

My team and I pride ourselves on giving clients honest and fair assestments of their legal matter. We give realistic expectations accompanied by various outcomes depending on the potential factors that arise throughout the case. However, regardless of the outcome, we promise to continue fighting for you for as long as our representation is needed. 

We understand that any time lawyers, courts and judges get involved it is stressful and confusing. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to ensure that our clients understand every step of the process, and the potential scenarios that may arise out of each step. Clients who do not understand the process are stressed clients, and stressed clients are unhappy clients.

Finally, we take care of every client as if they were family. Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us how much we've helped change their life for the better. We do not take every client because we want to protect and assist clients who truly need a representative on their side and, frankly, the job is far more fulfilling that way.


Theseus Schulze! You would most definitely want him on your side. He follows threw everything he says he is going to do. Also, explains how things will happen in ways you can understand. My case was with my in-laws trying to bypass my husband and I trying to see our son. I think Sir. Schulze already had a plan even before he heard everything, he is great at what he does, the courthouse is his backyard.  Thanks Again!


Theseus is a skillful lawyer you want on your side. He kept me informed on the details of my case the entire time as he worked. I was never left in the dark about my situation and was presented all my options on how I could proceed. Theseus was very knowledgable and even took the time to explain how different courses of action would result. He kept expectations low but then delivered on everything I wanted. Great guy, even better lawyer.

A. S.

Theseus Schulze, handled my case. It admittedly involved 3 non-moving violations, but two of them were ridiculous and I did not wish to have them on my record. Despite delays via the COVID-19, Mr. Schulze kept up a professional correspondence. He never made strong promises, but ensured he would do his best.

When the date finally arrived, Mr. Schulze was professional and to the point. Having witnessed sleazeball lawyers present at the same courthouse, I instantly knew then and there that Mr. Schulze was a genuine man. He told me his gameplan to get the charges reduced and/or dropped and went about doing them. Through private negotiation with the charging officer, he managed to get the aforestated ridiculous charges dropped and the third one reduced even further! After coming back to make sure I was satisifed with the proposal (as well as answering any other questions I had), he pleaded it to the Judge.

Mr. Schulze saved me $100s of dollars in court costs and potentially $1000s of dollars in insurance spikes. Absolutely amazing, would recommend them to anyone!


If I may, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the recommendation of Theseus to represent [my son]. Theseus was above and beyond in his counsel, preparation, negotiation with the prosecution and representation of [my son] in court. All along the way, he was so approachable and responsive and his great sense of humor also helped put our minds at ease when we were otherwise very anxious. I also wanted to point out that after completion of all of the intense driving improvement requirements, we went back to court last Thursday and [my son] got his license back and case dismissed after some follow up questioning and warnings to [my son] by the Judge. He then commended Theseus, saying that our Attorney did a phenomenal job negotiating with the prosecution and that most attorneys would not have been able to get the outcome that Theseus did for [my son].  


Do I have to move out to file for divorce?

Nope! Virginia only requires that you and your spouse do not present yourselves out to the public as "married." Even if you're living in the same house as long as you're effectively living as roommates you've initiated the separation period!

How do I prove my spouse and I are separated?

The courts generally accept testimony by one spouse either in person or by affidavit as strong enough evidence that the parties have been living "separate and apart." Most judges in Virginia understand the law is a bit archaic and won't require photographs of separate beds to prove separation.

How long will a divorce take?

Bad lawyer answer here: It depends. If everything is  agreed to only a few months to prepare, sign, and submit the paperwork. If it's hotly contested, particularly if there are children involved they can potentially last years. If your divorce is hotly contested, it's important to have an experienced attorney by your side throughout the entire process.

Should I leave the house?

While this question is highly specific to your facts the general answer is no. You don't want the other party to claim you deserted or abandoned your spouse and children.

Will I get half of my spouse's retirement/will I have to give my spouse half of my retirement?

Another bad attorney answer: it depends. The rule of thumb is that the parties divide the "marital share" equally, with the marital share being defined as the gain/loss during the marriage. However, this is highly dependent on the facts of your particular case.

How much spousal support will I get/have to pay?

You've probably seen a few calculators online at this point, and these calculators do serve as a benchmark for calculating support. However, spousal support is HIGHLY fact specific. In general if you are/your spouse is a stay-at-home parent, there's going to be significant spousal support award.


I wanted to take a moment to speak to the credibility, authenticity, and care shown by  Theseus Schulze that was outstanding to say the least.

Theseus was so easy to talk to & helped out tremendously. He explained the ramifications well, discussed potential outcomes, but most importantly, he talked to us like normal people rather than just as clientele. That means more than you know.

Theseus worked hard to earn a favorable outcome, but did so with fairness and grace, despite being met with resistance from the Officer at hand and the Judge. Theseus is great at what he does & while I hope I do not need to bother him again in this fashion, I know he is someone I highly recommend and will reach out to if necessary in the future.

Thank you for all your help, Theseus!

C. U.

I would absolutely recommend Theseus! You would definitely want him on your side.

He is very prompt and professional and always explains everything in details to the point that you completely understand. You can be confident he is taking care of everything for you from start to finish.

Unlike other lawyers I have consulted with in the past you can tell that Theseus has your personal interest in mind. He also makes you feel like he is not just your lawyer/attorney but he is also a friend.

He was able to help me find a reasonable settlement in an otherwise hopeless case for damaged personal property (I don't think I can give much detail on the case). When I told him I wasn't fully satisfied with the initial settlement he didn't say "this is the best you can get" he continued to fight for me until I was ready to accept the offer.

I thank you so very much, Theseus!

S. S.

I was kindly referred to Attorney Theseus Schulze and was given an appointment for consultation. Mr. Schulze called me exactly as planned.  He was very understanding of my concerns and very clear as how and how soon he can help. I sent him the agreement, and in two days, I had the feedback I needed (ahead of the time I was promised). I was very impressed by the handling, the professionalism, and the attitude of Mr. Theseus. I would definitely want to go back and/or refer friends to him, should the need arises. Thank you Theseus for all your good help


What kind of documents do you I need for my estate?

It's recommended to have a document to distribute your estate (will or trust), a document for your medical decisions if you are unable to make them yourself (a living will or advanced medical directive), and a document for your financial decisions if you are incapacitated (a power of attorney).

Should I create a trust?

Generally yes, trusts allow you to avoid an unnecessarily expensive and complicated probate process you'll have if you only have a will.

What are the benefits of a trust?

The biggest benefit is it allows your estate to be entirely handled outside of the courts without the obnoxious redtape.

M. C.

I needed assistance at the last min regarding a protective order. Theseus was assigned to my case he was easy to work with and he was very personable and professional. I felt very relaxed working with him. I would highly recommend Theseus. He assisted with getting the job done.

R. O.

I never write reviews about anything, but I wanted to recognize the exceptional job that Mr. Theseus Schulze did for me and my son.  He was extremely clear about expectations from the start, and provided excellent guidance throughout the process.  He is personable, professional and most importantly effective.  He was able to help us reach a much more positive out come than we ever expected.  I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of help with legal matters and will definitely reach back out to him if I should ever need assistance again.

R. M.

I haven't had a traffic ticket in over 33 years, so I was extremely nervous about it.
My attorney was Mr. Schulze and he was very personable and thorough.
He was able to get my traffic ticket reduced to no points being taken off my driving record.
Would definitely recommend him!

traffic faq

Can I go to jail for a traffic ticket?

Yes you can. A reckless ticket is a misdemeanor in Virginia, and some judges (especially in Loudoun and Fairfax) start looking at  a few days in jail if driving over ninety miles per hour. The same goes for Stafford, if you're going over 70 in an area where the speed limit is around 35.

The officer reduced the ticket, should I still fight it?

I've never seen a prosecutor increase a ticket in court, although they do have that ability. Even if you can reduce the speed slightly or get the charge reduced to something a bit less offensive, you can save hundreds of dollars in insurance costs.

Do I have to attend court?

If it's above a simple traffic ticket then yes you do. Although depending on the case, your attorney may be able to get the charge reduced so that you don't have to appear. Ensure you hire an experienced attorney who can handle your case and limit the need for your day to be interrupted!

About Theseus

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Theseus graduated from Loudoun County High School (back when they were the Raiders). Being one of many children who go through the pain of divorce parents he was enrolled at Family Connections, a family counseling aimed at reuniting parents and children. There he stayed as a teen-counselor for five years, passing along his lessons.

Theseus attended Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University where he worked full time as a personal trainer to pay his way throughout. He then attended the University of Baltimore School of Law on a near full scholarship which he supplemented with his work as a fugitive recovery agent.

Outside of being an attorney, Theseus spends his time competing in Strongman and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He lives in Leesburg, Virginia with his beautiful fiancee and two wonderful australian shepherds.