Theseus Schulze, Esq 

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My team and I pride ourselves on giving clients honest and fair assestments of their legal matter. We give realistic expectations accompanied by various outcomes depending on the potential factors that arise throughout the case. However, regardless of the outcome, we promise to continue fighting for you for as long as our representation is needed. 

We understand that any time lawyers, courts and judges get involved it is stressful and confusing. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to ensure that our clients understand every step of the process, and the potential scenarios that may arise out of each step. Clients who do not understand the process are stressed clients, and stressed clients are unhappy clients.

Finally, we take care of every client as if they were family. Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us how much we've helped change their life for the better. We do not take every client because we want to protect and assist clients who truly need a representative on their side and, frankly, the job is far more fulfilling that way.

Client reviews

Theseus Schulze was very kind, professional, and compassionate. He was thorough and detail-oriented. But most of all, he listened to my story and all of my concerns. If I meet anyone in need of legal services, I will be sending them his way.

My apartment had flooded, and I had an issue with my lease. Without the guidance of this office, I wouldn’t have been able to get my full deposit back and end my lease. Schulze was professional and explained the entire process step by step and made it simple and sure that I was going to get what I needed out of this case.

I had a wonderful experience working with Theseus and his paralegal Misha on a complicated divorce matter. They were both very professional, communicated often and helped through every step of the way! I can’t thank them both enough and highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal services.


Do I have to move out to file for divorce?

Nope! Virginia only requires that you and your spouse do not present yourselves out to the public as "married." Even if you're living in the same house as long as you're effectively living as roommates you've initiated the separation period!

How do I prove my spouse and I are separated?

The courts generally accept testimony by one spouse either in person or by affidavit as strong enough evidence that the parties have been living "separate and apart." 

How long will a divorce take?

Bad lawyer answer here: It depends. If you and your spouse have already agreed on how to divide your assets then it will only take a few months. If it's hotly contested, particularly if there are children involved, it can potentially last years. 

Should I leave the house?

While this question is highly specific to your facts the general answer is no. You don't want the other party to claim you deserted or abandoned your spouse and children.

Will I get half of my spouse's retirement/will I have to give my spouse half of my retirement?

Another bad attorney answer: it depends. The rule of thumb is that the parties divide the "marital share" equally, with the marital share being defined as the amount accrued during the marriage.

How much spousal support will I get/have to pay?

Broadly speaking the courts look at the need of the spouse requesting spousal support and the ability to pay for the other spouse. You'll have to be prepared to present to a court your income and expenses (no matter which side you're on).

There are a few calculators online that are typically only used in temporary hearings (and not for final resolutions) but those will provide a decent ball park.

He was very understanding of my concerns and very clear as how and how soon he can help.

I would absolutely recommend Theseus! You would definitely want him on your side.

I wanted to take a moment to speak to the credibility, authenticity, and care shown by  Theseus Schulze that was outstanding to say the least.


What kind of documents do I need for estate planning?

While a bit broader than just estate planning we generally reccomend three sets of "worst case scenario" documents. First a will or a trust (to handle your estate once you die). Second a power of attorney (so someone can handle your finances if you're unable to). Third an advanced medical directive (so your family and agents know your medical desires).

Should I create a trust?

Generally yes, trusts allow you to avoid an unnecessarily expensive and complicated probate process you'll have if you only have a will.

What are the benefits of a trust?

The biggest benefit is it allows your estate to be entirely handled outside of the courts without the obnoxious redtape placed by the courts. With a trust your assets won't be placed in probate will be distributed in far cheaper and faster process than if you just had a basic will.

I haven’t had a traffic ticket in over 33 years, so I was extremely nervous about it.My attorney was Mr. Schulze and he was very personable and thorough.He was able to get my traffic ticket reduced to no points being taken off my driving record.Would definitely recommend him!

I never write reviews about anything, but I wanted to recognize the exceptional job that Mr. Theseus Schulze did for me and my son.  He was extremely clear about expectations from the start, and provided excellent guidance throughout the process.

I needed assistance at the last min regarding a protective order. Theseus was assigned to my case he was easy to work with and he was very personable and professional. I felt very relaxed working with him. I would highly recommend Theseus. He assisted with getting the job done.

traffic faq

Can I go to jail for my traffic ticket?

Potentially. If you are charged with reckless driving (and of course variations of driving under the influence) there is a chance that you serve some jail time. This is highly court (and judge dependent), and depends on the specific factors of your case such as whether anybody was harmed by your driving.

Do I need to appear in court?

Depending on your ticket you may be able to sign a waiver to allow the attorney to appear in your stead. However, it is best advised for you to appear at court so that you attorney and quickly, and efficient, go over the current case with you. Also there's a chance that your matter needs a trial and that can only be occur if you go to court.

Is it worth fighting the ticket?

Generally as an attorney we're always going to say try to fight your ticket. While there's a minor risk that the prosecution may increase the charges if you go to court (in particular if the officer already reduced the ticket) that is rare and the majority of the time your attorney can get the current charges lowered.

About Theseus

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Theseus graduated from Loudoun County High School (back when they were the Raiders). Being one of many children who go through the pain of divorce parents he was enrolled at Family Connections, a family counseling aimed at reuniting parents and children. There he stayed as a teen-counselor for five years, passing along his lessons.

Theseus attended Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University where he worked full time as a personal trainer to pay his way throughout. He then attended the University of Baltimore School of Law on a near full scholarship which he supplemented with his work as a fugitive recovery agent.

Outside of being an attorney, Theseus spends his time competing in Strongman and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He lives in Leesburg, Virginia with his beautiful fiancee and two wonderful australian shepherds.