Is it worth fighting the ticket?

Generally as an attorney we’re always going to say try to fight your ticket. While there’s a minor risk that the prosecution may increase the charges if you go to court (in particular if the officer already reduced the ticket) that is rare and the majority of the time your attorney can get the current charges lowered.

Do I need to appear in court?

Depending on your ticket you may be able to sign a waiver to allow the attorney to appear in your stead. However, it is best advised for you to appear at court so that you attorney and quickly, and efficient, go over the current case with you. Also there’s a chance that your matter needs a trial and that can only be occur if you go to court.

Can I go to jail for my traffic ticket?

Potentially. If you are charged with reckless driving (and of course variations of driving under the influence) there is a chance that you serve some jail time. This is highly court (and judge dependent), and depends on the specific factors of your case such as whether anybody was harmed by your driving.